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Total Solution Training Video  – : 1 hour 3 minutes  34 page training supplement

The 2014 Physician Fee Schedule included OIG recommended changes to the rules for “incident to” billing, the process whereby the services performed by non-physician providers are billed to Medicare as through the physician had personally performed it. Q. When billing Medicare for injections that are provided “incident to” by a non-physician practitioner (NPP), under one doctor’s order but that doctor is not the one who supervises the injection, who do we bill under? Q. What do we need to document for an incident to service?  Q How Often does the physician need to see a patient to maintain “incident to” parameters over the NPP’s care? Can’t Answer These?  Most people can’t and NOT KNOWING could put you at significant risk for an expensive business lesson.

“Incident to” billing, is a commonly misunderstood and misused billing practice and under new requirements providers who incorrectly bill “incident to” services to Medicare for services performed by non-qualified personnel can face payment audits, recoupment actions, civil monetary penalties, and even False Claims Act litigation.  


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