Why MediCorp Compliance Solutions? 

If you bill insurance carriers for the services you provide, you need the services we provide!


We are a provider owned company helping other healthcare providers make and keep the money they earn.
You can keep the money you deserve for the care you provide without constantly worrying about denials, payor audits, and ultimately, repayment letters.  If you don’t have a large compliance department working for you, you are at risk. You need the expertise on your side to prevent a catastrophic disruption in your business.
All for a fraction of just one compliance officer’s salary! Contact us here today.


We understand that healthcare providers are frequently searching for new income sources and ways to make their practices more attractive to the patients through new services and specialty procedures that focus on specific problems while increasing their volume  What ever your plans are, they will undoubtedly complicate your billing and coding to a point that you may NO LONGER be in compliance.

We are able to assist our clients in practice growth and provide real time information that enable them to pivot their policies and procedures and avoid denials, audits, and recoveries.

Whatever your current or desired scope might be, we are here to help you achieve your goals and financial success while maintaining legitimate compliance with State, Federal and Carrier regulations.

As our client, you will become free to practice your art and build your practice rather than devoting precious hours to pouring through hundreds of pages of regulatory changes to find that missing piece of your compliance puzzle. 

Improper physician compensation, failure to observe regulations, kickbacks, inducements, improper advertising, administering unskilled therapy, employing excluded individuals and failure to observe Medicare and Medicaid required contingencies are all potential disaster areas. Virtually every association, including the AMA, CMS and the HHS-OIG advise physicians to contract with outside consultants to review and monitor your practice’s coding, billing, documentation and operational compliance.  Reimbursement suspensions, audit recovery, prepayment review, exclusion from participation, civil monetary penalties and criminal actions are all real issues today and your “intent” is no longer an issue.   We believe you knew or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN“– DO YOU?

That’s our job and we would be happy to do it for you.