is a provider owned company specializing in multidisciplinary practice establishment, operation, and compliance

Our consultants are:

certified clinical healthcare providers

healthcare practice owners

certified professional coders

certified professional medical auditors

experts in Medicare/Medicaid compliance issues including HIPAA, OIG, interdisciplinary coding, billing, and documentation requirements


Get to know our staff:

MediCorp is owned and operated by Kelly Ramsdell Ausiello and Dr. Jenifer Ausiello. Kelly Ramsdell-Ausiello is a registered nurse. She also holds degrees in computer networking systems, and is a Certified Professional Coder as well as a Certified Professional Medical Auditor. She is co-owner of MediCorp Compliance Solutions, which she founded shortly after her father’s passing in 2019. Dr. Ron Ramsdell had owned and operated the original company for over 20 years before passing his knowledge on to Kelly, who is driving the company forward and has a goal of expanding the services provided and finding new ways to help healthcare professionals in their day to day business operations.

Kelly is joined by her spouse and business partner Dr. Jenifer Ausiello. Dr. Ausiello is a Doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner. She has a wealth of knowledge in both the inpatient acute and outpatient primary care settings. She is also a leading authority in her state for Hospice and Palliative Care services. Dr. Ausiello also holds certifications as a Certified Professional Coder as well as Certified Professional Medical Auditor.

Prior to their medical auditing adventure, Kelly and Jenifer owned and operated a home based primary care practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, which gives them the unique quality of being able to marry the provider world with the billing/coding world. Together, this dynamic duo is dedicated to improving the day to day operations of healthcare practices nationwide. They are committed to providing easy to understand solutions to compliance, documentation, and billing struggles felt everyday by healthcare providers. They work hard to ensure you make…AND KEEP…the money earned providing quality healthcare across all specialties.


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