Federal agencies are now under mandates that they reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare programs and to recover any previously issued inappropriate payments to healthcare providers.

In light of the Affordable Care Act legislation and other requirements placed on private carriers, denials, audits and the success of post-payment recoveries, they have added an army of “agents” to their special investigative units.

 Use our webinars and  materials to train your staff and fulfill your continuing compliance training requirements. More importantly, get everyone educated to reduce your financial liability from the inevitable audit.

Avoid the new game plan by every carrier to reimburse, review, and RECOVER!

Get FACT not Conjecture with our Total Solution Webinars.

“Preventing Medical Identity Theft Training”

“Osteoarthritis and Visco-supplementation”

“Chiropractic Mandatory Reporting PQRS”

 “Incident To Services” 

“CMS Mandatory Functional Capacity Reporting for Therapy”

“Understanding ICD-10-CM”  

You can’t send everyone to seminars but, you can hold your own.  

 Have a learning lunch or allow employees to go at their own pace independently.

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